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Art & Collections InsuranceArt and Collection Insurance

You are passionate about your collections, whether it’s jewelry, fine art, wine, furs, camera equipment etc. You want to know they are adequately insured for damage or loss regardless of where they are displayed or stored; or if you’ve purchased a new piece and want it protected.

At Concierge, we can provide excellent, peace of mind coverage for your treasured items.

  • Worldwide coverage in the event of damage or loss
  • New acquisitions automatically covered up to 25% of the total policy limit at the time of purchase, with  90 days to add them to your policy
  • Replacement – up to 150% of scheduled value
  • Stand-alone policies available


Jewelry Insurance

  • Significant reduced pricing for items stored in a qualified vault
  • No appraisals required for pieces under $10,000
  • Blanket coverage for non-scheduled jewelry up to $20,000
  • Cash settlement versus replacement option is available
  • No deductibles applied
  • Mysterious disappearance included

Jewelry Appraisals

A “replacement cost” appraisal for your jewelry is important in securing a fair and expeditious claims settlement. This type of appraisal, as opposed to a “fair market” or “estate” appraisal is a formal opinion of a jewelry item, offered by a certified gemologist, verifying the authenticity, design, quality and monetary value of the item.


Art & Collections InsuranceArt Insurance

Concierge offers a full range of insurance products to meet the needs of every sector of the art market – fine art, antiques, collectibles, rare coins, ceramics, rare books and manuscripts.

  • Broad, all-risk worldwide coverage
  • Large and small capacity insurance
  • Immediate coverage binding
  • Blanket locations coverage
  • Expeditious, informed claims processing

Art services:

  • Market value evaluations
  • Loss Prevention advice and disaster planning
  • Transportation, shipping and handling consultation
  • Fine art collections schedules
  • Curator and collection management services

Wine Insurance

Insurance for significant wine collections not insured separately from your homeowner's policy.

  • Blanket or itemized coverage. With blanket coverage, your entire collection is covered under one limit, with a single bottle limit of $50,000
  • Itemized coverage is recommended for wines valued at $10,000 or more and can be combined with blanket coverage for ultimate protection
  • Worldwide coverage and while in transit
  • No deductibles on standard policies




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